ABOUT COMMON GROUND /// Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Common Ground is a boutique fitness studio with minimal distractions. It provides a comfortable workout environment for exclusive personal training, quad training and small intimate group classes.  Common Ground is a fully collapsible space that is versatile - everything from small intimate yoga & pilates classes, to health/wellness events & workshops.  Common Ground provides the most elite exclusive personal training Toronto has to offer.  We work together to ensure you achieve your personal fitness goals and live a healthier active lifestyle!     

THE CG6 METHOD utilizes one's body weight while incorporating compound movement ensuring a higher work rate. A combination of balance, strength training, core and explosive exercises that will challenge you and keep your heart rate up.  However, depending on the CLIENT (injuries, imbalances etc.) and personal goals, exercise routines are carefully curated towards them.   

  • HIIT intervals mixed with high repetition strength training exercises.

  • Combine cardio-style movements into each workout.

  • No two workouts are ever the same.


EXCLUSIVE PERSONAL TRAINING (1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Personal Training)

  • Private Personal Training designed specifically to YOUR goals and needs. FREE consultation will provide the trainer necessary information to provide training programs, health and lifestyle advice. Any injuries and or concerns will be assessed to ensure a specific program that is tailored to the client.

QUAD COMMON (Private Small Group Personal Training)

  • For those who want the extra attention, care and push of having their own personal trainer at an affordable cost. MINIMUM of 4 people per session time for private hour block. Keep good form with proper adjustments by the personal trainer in a smaller less intimidating environment. Workouts can be tailored to the group and based on their needs.


  • Private group classes or bootcamps for your company. Personal trainers can travel to head office or employees may organize a private group class @ COMMON GROUND. Healthy lifestyle workshops and information sessions are available which will help ensure a healthy company! (lunch and learns, postural workshops, mobility sessions)


  • MOTIVATE one another in an array of group classes. Conditioning, strength training and circuit training are just some of the many different metabolic CG6 Methods used to shred the fat and ensure a good sweat! See class descriptions below:

#BODYBYSOPE - BOOTY BOOT CAMP - Resistance band lower body work that will make you sweat!  Isolated glue and core work incorporated.  In addition to strength training, fast pace cardio movements are used to create a great HIIT SWEAT!

#DEATHBYSOPE💀 - FULL BODY SWEAT - Compound full body weight exercises and strength training circuits. Constant movement to keep your heart rate up and ensuring you are working at a higher capacity! 

MEN'S LIFT - FULL BODY STRENGTH - Heavy strength training mixed with conditioning circuits and core work. The group will focus on compound lifts and gaining muscle mass along side with circuit training to ensure an intense metabolic shred. 

HIIT N SPRINT (45min.) - Cardio and strength combined with interval training. High intensity sprints, body weight exercises are the main components of this class.  Core and balance incorporated throughout the workout as always! 

POWER AND PARACHUTES *POP UP* - That runners high - High intensity resisted parachute sprints mixed with body weight exercises and agility drills combined with power plyo that will leave you absolutely shredded.